We are redefining "normal"

Started in 2016 by Tony Renshaw, Moving Matter Labz® was created for the sole purpose of providing safe affordable supplements that help all athletes at all levels.  We are sick of normal. Normal supplements, normal results, and normal workouts. Our newest product, Wheyzultz Attack®, redefines normal. Our unique blend of ingredients cuts out the fillers and provides only the necessary ingredients to give you the best results possible. This blend also includes Embedded Enzyme Technology Protein to assist in muscle recovery. Protein in a pre-workout/everyday drink seems like common sense, but Wheyzultz Attack® is the only product on the market that can boast such a combination. 

We thank you for trusting us to provide you with a safe and reliable product, and we don't take that trust lightly. Our no-fillers blend ensures that you are getting the most value and the best results out of the product. Again, thank you for your business. 


The Renshaws


I started consuming sports supplements 14 years ago to better my training results. I tried many different brands and products; not really putting much thought into the ingredients, and instead going with the claims on the labels. I soon started to get negative side affects, which proved to be scary for my growing family of seven. I started consulting with my family doctor about supplements and their ingredients. With our oldest children showing interest in sports and supplements, we wanted to make sure that what they would be taking was safe. 

We started doing research on trusted companies and again consulted with our doctor on which ingredients are safe and effective. I found a few products that I liked and trusted, but I soon realized that combining multiple products would be very expensive. I started to search for a company that sold ingredients in bulk to create my own supplements. I did this for six months and during that time, my friends and family began asking what products I was taking to achieve the results I was getting. My wife and I realized that we couldn't be the only people in the market searching for a safe, certified product that has all the ingredients we needed all without breaking the bank. We took a leap of faith and thus, Moving Matter Labz, LLC was created with our trademarked supplement line "Wheyzultz." After months of research, testing, meetings, planning, and prayer, we are excited to finally sell our product to the public. 

We know that your health is not something you take lightly, and it's not something we take lightly either. We thank you for placing your trust in us, and in turn, we promise to never make bogus claims, fill our product with "filler" ingredients, or try to make a quick profit off your hard-earned-dollar. We want to be transparent and open with you, so feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our product. Again, thank you for placing your trust in us. 

-Tony Renshaw