Current supplements not cutting it for you?

Are you taking multiple supplements to get results?

Are you spending hundreds of dollars per month?

Is your supplement full of “filler” ingredients?

Do your supplements taste nasty?

Are you using supplements with unsafe ingredients?

Does your pre-workout make you jittery?

Do you feel bloated after taking a post-workout?

Do your supplements only last a couple weeks?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our products are for you!

As a college pitcher, quick recovery is super important. All of my other supplements left me feeling gross and didn’t help me get back onto the field. Wheyzultz Attack & Pro help me recover faster, crush my workouts, and have confidence that I’m putting safe ingredients in my body.
— Trey Nixon, Concordia University

How does it work?


1: Find a Product

Choose from one of our two products and pick your quantity and flavor.

2: Place Your Order

Order your products easily, they’ll show up right at your front door.

3: Crush Your Workout

Between Attack & Pro, you’re sure to crush your workout and feel great.


What makes us different?

Let’s face it, most supplements suck. Sure, they might feel good for about 10 minutes, but pretty quickly you realize that they’re full of garbage ingredients that are unsafe or ineffective.

We believe that you deserve to have safe supplements that are free from fillers and dangerous ingredients, which is why we’ve created products that only have the necessary ingredients and are NSF tested and safe for sport.

Moving Matter Labz products are trusted by athletes across all sports and ages, ranging from high schoolers to professionals in the MLB, NBA, and NFL.

Stop putting junk in your body! Buy Wheyzultz products so you can stay safe, crush your next workout, and stay at the top of your game.


Meet your unfair advantage

The Wheyzultz Line of Products


Wheyzultz Attack - $45

Pre-Workout & Everyday Drink

Wheyzultz Pro - $22.99

Post-Workout & Recovery Drink

Single Servings (Attack/Pro) - $2

Single Serving Drinks